Pipercross V1 by Arma

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As the leader of C SERIES, C63S has always been an indicator for unyielding performance and great luxury. ARMA had challenge this nearly impossible task and successfully developed a full intake system for the C63S, the full kit can easily be fit to an engine output up to 650HP. The hardest part in developing the C63S intake was to utilize the stock mounting point to work with our design and after many testing and altering ARMA is confident to state that the C63S intake system is a mission accomplished. ARMA?s exclusive heat dissipation feature works flawlessly on the C63S intake by rapidly rid the stored heat and effectively create air flow gains. With its clean streamlined appearance and excellent performance ARMA C63 intake system will undoubtedly provide the drive with brisk driving experience. Description: No remapping of ECU/DME needed Carbon fiber air intake of BENZ W205 C63-S Direct bolt-on design, no modification needed Approx gain average of 3hp between 2000 and 5000 RPM and up to 10hp at 6000RPM Accessories: Induction chamber x2, Pipe x2, Arma Filter x2, Fixtures & Accessories.

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